Our Process

step1234 copyA Decades Worth Of Experience, 4 Easy Steps

In just 4 easy steps, your professional images are translated into stunning canvas prints.  Every single print is treated with the utmost care and thorough colour and gamut analysis to ensure the perfect result. If we come across something that’s not quite right, WE’LL ASK. If it doesn’t come off the printer properly, WE REDO IT. The bottom line is we understand how critical it is to maintain your standards of quality with every product you sell.

Why do we care so much? Because we’re photographers ourselves. And it’s not good enough for you, until it’s good enough for us.


Why the Epson 11880C?

Epson’s industry-leading K3 ink system is available on just a handful of printers, and it has become legendary in the industry for its super-wide gamut, especially for shadowing and vivid rich colours. It also happens to be the most expensive of any printer from Epson, Canon, or HP. After trying a wide variety of printers out, we found that the 11880 was the only one that could deliver the type of detail, colour gamut, and colour accuracy on nearly any size canvas.


Why Shiraz RIP?

To maximize the full capability of the Epson 11880, more than just basic off-the-shelf software is needed. Sometimes (and often) just loading up the ICC profile isn’t enough to get optimal results. Adjustments to ink density, curves, and gamma are all necessary to ensure that the image you get back is the image you sent us.


Stretched To Last

Working with heavy canvas like we do (~400gsm) isn’t easy, but it does produce a long-lasting product of tangible quality. To achieve the best results, we use kiln-dried hardwood (bass wood), that’s custom cut to every single canvas. Never a warp, never a break.