In 2007, no one had heard about custom canvas prints. Last year, they were Groupon’s #1 category.

Canvas Prints are one of the easiest, low-cost, and most profitable add-on’s a photographer can currently offer their clients. It has also become the most requested photo treatment by customers throughout North America. Which means if you’re not offering your customers custom canvas prints, you can be sure someone is.

As web-based printer/photographers, we have been following the canvas print trends for more than 7 years, ourselves participating in close to $1,000,000 in Groupon sales throughout many metro regions of North America. Canvas 365 was started as a co-op approach to printing, to allow fellow photographers to access the highest grade production, all while ensuring strong, sustainable add-on business.

The Data

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The chart on the right, provided by Google Trends software, shows three trends between 2005 and May 2014. The green colored line represents consumer online interest, as measured by search terms and news headlines. As is obvious, while interest in photography and photographers has been relatively steady with a slight decline over that period of time, canvas prints has skyrocketed.

If you aren’t offering custom canvas prints to your customers, you may be missing the biggest, most consistently expanding product area in consumer imaging. Canvas 365 can give you the pricing and the product to add this amazing offering to your own business, and help add real value to your customers, while strengthening your own profitability.


Canvas 365 is not the only canvas print supplier on the market. In fact, there are hundreds. So why give us a try?

1. Bigger Profits

If you’re already getting custom canvas prints done for your clients, then you know how profitable they can be. We’re here to make that even better.

If you aren’t getting custom canvas prints done, what are you waiting for? Canvas 365 guarantees at least a 50% profit margin for our clients, even against the most aggressive online price comparisons.

2. Exclusive Pricing

Unlike almost every website that offers custom canvas printing on the market, Canvas 365 does not sell to the general public. What’s more, the pricing that the public can see on the site, while still totally competitive with the most aggressive online suppliers, is still much higher than what you’ll pay. In other words, you don’t have to compete with the rest of the web for your customers’ business.

3.  Fast Turnaround

Canvas 365 begins processing your image within 24 hours of the order being submitted. And in most cases, without any premium ‘rush’ service charge, you’ll have them within 7-10 days of ordering. If you need them by a certain day, let us know in the order notes, and we’ll absolutely do everything we can to accommodate the request.

4.  Great Quality

Canvas 365 uses the highest grades of materials and equipment at every stage of production, to ensure that your customers demands are always met.

  • 400gsm Canvas Blend with Satin UV sheen – ultradurable, and amongst the thickest available
  • Fully colour calibrated RIP processing software to ensure maximum gamut and accuracy
  • Printed on the Epson 11880c with Genuine Epson K3 Ink System
  • Stretched on 1.5″ Basswood hard wood (kiln dried)


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